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Welcome, Friend!

I'm Mary, thanks for stopping by! 

If you are looking for a creative, enjoyable and satisfying way to explore quilting without wasting your time, fabric and money on projects and patterns that never seem to come together as promised in the advertisements, then I have something special for you today.  But first, let me ask you this:

Have you ever wondered why a quilt pattern that is advertised as quick and easy…isn’t quick and easy when you give it a try? 

The struggle of investing your time and energy into this hobby...purchasing tools, supplies and fabric...without the assurance that the finished product will be well-made and good quality can permanently close our “creative quilting window” before it’s ever opened.

The Missing Ingredients

When I made my first quilt, I attempted to follow the pattern instructions for “The Quickest Quilt Ever…Make it in a Weekend." 

As I got deeper into the construction of the quilt, I found it was not a quick process at all, and making it in a weekend was not even close to possible. 


Although patterns offer you an outline for construction, they lack something you need to create an accurate and precise quilt:

Training and experience. The instructions you follow don't include the essential tips you need to put it all together.

My enthusiastic attempt at embarking on a new hobby resulted in frustration and defeat, rather than the joy and relaxation I expected.  My confidence declined and I wasn’t sure I wanted to try again.

Making it Joyful and Merry

You don't need to struggle like I did! Over the years, I have discovered many quilting tips and tricks (over and above the general pattern instructions and diagrams) which have been key to giving me my love for this relaxing, fun, and creative hobby.   

Some came from classes and personal research, others from more experienced quilters, and the rest were simply stumbled upon through trial and error.   

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With my 20+ years of experience as a quilt pattern designer and author, I’ll help you get comfortable with the quilting basics, the must knows, and you can embrace the joyful and merry fun as we create beautiful quilts together! 
In this FREE workshop, you will learn…
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  • The best tricks for consistently sewing a perfect ¼” seam


  • How to choose the perfect rulers and the crucial keys to measuring accurately


  • Proper pressing and pinning techniques to eliminate guesswork in your sewing


  • How to cleanly and easily fix your mistakes without sacrificing precision
Quilting is more than just sewing fabric together.  It’s a way to take us to a joyful and merry place!
Ready to save your time and frustration and add more joy to your quilting?
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