25 Quilting Products to Ring in the New Year

Jan 03, 2024

Happy New Year, Joyful and Merry Quilter! 

If you've been following me for the last month or so, you probably heard all about my 25 Day Christmas Countdown on YouTube, where each day I pulled a new surprise out of Santa's bag: A discount on a great product, a quilting tip, a pattern, or something else that could add some joy to your quilting experience. And I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: I do not endorse or promote any product that I don't love and use myself!

I wanted to create an easy place for you to reference everything we revealed without having to dig through each video, and a first blog post to kick off 2024 seemed like the perfect place!

So, here's a recap of each day of our 25 Day December Advent. Many of these discounts are still available - but depending on when you read this, some may have expired. You'll find the links to each of these products below their pictures - and remember, some of these have discount codes for you to apply at checkout - so don't miss them! 

Note: Joyful and Merry Quilting often uses affiliate links to recommended products, and may receive minimal sums when you purchase through these links, at NO additional cost to you. You are in no way obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!

1. Cutting Mat Clock 

Get Your Square Joyful & Merry Quilting Clock Here

Get Your Square Customizable Clock Here

Get Your Round Customizable Clock Here


2. Purple Hobbies Third Hand Binding Tool and Binding Winder for 15% off with promo code MARYSENTME

CLICK HERE to watch my full demo - these products are a game changer!

Get Your 3rd Hand Binding Folder Clip Here [SAVE with code MARYSENTME at checkout]

Get Your Binding Wheel Here [SAVE with code MARYSENTME at checkout]


3. Zipper Project Pouches

The best way to keep your unfinished projects organized and ready for storage or travel!

Get Your Pack of Zipper Project Pouches Here


4. Full Quilt Kit with a HUGE discount!

Includes all the necessary fabric, binding, and pattern to create a beautiful 60" x 72" quilt. Click Here to watch my tutorial for putting it together

This is a beautiful quilt - and such a well-made kit! 

Get Your Brick Player FULL Quilt Kit Here

NOTE: The Pattern that came with my kit was a prototype. I tested the pattern for The Fabric Hut and gave them my recommendations to make the instructions a little clearer. If you purchase the kit, be sure to watch my upcoming tutorial for the up-to-date instructions!


5. Quilting Knowledge Retro Metal Sign Decor

I love having this in my sewing room for reference and for a great decoration! Measures 16x12 Inches.

Get Your Quilting Knowledge Metal Sign Here


6. Hug a Mug Rug with Snack Mat Quilt Pattern and/or a Joyful and Merry Quilter Mug

A little twist on a mug rug that makes an adorable pattern! Plus, grab a great Joyful and Merry Quilter mug or insulated mug to go with it!

Get the Hug a Mug Rug with Snack Mat Pattern HERE in our Etsy Shop


Get your Joyful & Merry Quilter Mug Here

Get your Insulated Mug Here


7.  Misting Bottle and Gallon Jug of Mary Ellens Best Press

If you're here, you've probably watched my free workshop "How To Create the Perfect Quilt Block Every Time" (if not, you can access it by clicking here) and know how essential these items are!

Get Your Misting Bottle Here  

Get Your Gallon Jug of Mary Ellens Best Press Here  


8. MyMassagePillow and a Free Decorative Pillow Cover and Binding Tutorial

The free tutorial I offered for Day 8 is excellent - it's for a decorative envelope pillowcase, but it's basically a mini-quilt - and my tutorial walks you through from start to finish! Learn how to quilt it, and even how to bind it. These instructions obviously work for the pillowcase, but they also apply to a quilt! 

Watch the Free Decorative Pillow Cover and Binding Tutorial Here

And of course, why not throw in a Massage Pillow?

Get the MyMassagePillow Here


9. "Stitch and Stash Sewing Machine Apron" Quilt Pattern

We kicked off the opening of our Etsy Shop with this wonderful Sewing Machine apron pattern to create an organized sewing station, whether at home, at a retreat, or a class. Easily portable, customizable, and stylish!

Get Your Pattern Here in our Etsy Shop

I would also recommend a silicone mat to go under the apron. Get your silicone mat here!


10. Titanium Rotary Cutter Blades for 50% off!

If you've seen this blade comparison video I posted, you know how much I love these. These are my favorite blades and this is an EXCELLENT deal!

Titanium Rotary Cutter Blades for 50% off


11. Purple Hobbies Pin Cups for 15% off with promo code MARYSENTME

I love these pin cups! Watch me demonstrate what makes them so great by clicking here.

You can pick your size - we used 1.5in and 2.25 w/ large heads.

Get Your Magnetic Pin Cup here! [SAVE with code MARYSENTME at checkout]

Need some great pins to go with it? Click here to get Magic Flathead pins!


12 Purple Hobbies Pattern Stand for 15% off with promo code MARYSENTME

This is something I didn't expect to love as much as I do. I'm so glad I have one of these - it makes referring to the pattern a breeze!

Get Your Pattern Stand Here [SAVE with code MARYSENTME at checkout]


13. Santa’s Welcome Mat Quilt Pattern

Christmas may be over, but it's coming again next year! Need the perfect quilted placemat to leave Santa's cookies on? Or maybe you just want to make your holiday table a little more festive! The pattern for "Santa's Welcome Mat" is available now in our Etsy shop!

Get Your Santa's Welcome Mat Quilt Pattern HERE in our Etsy Shop


14. Golden Strawberry Desktop Organizer

You might not realize how much you need this until you see it in action: After using drawers, baskets, and whatever else to keep my quilt supplies organized and easily accessible, this desktop organizer is a game changer! I love it - and it's even better using different ones for different projects.

Get Your Desktop Organizer Here!


15. Martelli Magnetic Wristlet 

I love this product, and a big thank you to Martelli Notions for sending it to us! I purchased my own Magnetic Wristlet from Martelli a while back and it's such a great way to keep pins easily accessible (and much safer than what I was doing before!)

Get your Martelli Magnetic Wristlet Here

Alternative Option Here


16. Kalione Sewing Machine Cleaning Micro Swabs

If you need an easy way to clean all the nooks and crannies of your sewing machine, this is the key! Clean out the lint, thread pieces, and more. 200 in one package - and it's worth it to really clean your machine.

Get Your Cleaning Micro Swabs Here!


17. Martelli Round About Cutting Mat with Exclusive Discount on 10" size!

Don't get me started on how much I love these! Watch my video all about them by clicking here - these are an wonderful addition to your quilting space! I love Martelli products - and I'm sure you'll love them too!

Get Your 10in Round About Mat Here [SAVE with Promo Code joyful101]

Get Your 17in Round About Mat Here [promo code does not apply]


18. Purple Hobbies BladeSaver Thread Cutter for 15% off with coupon code MARYSENTME

I absolutely LOVE this tool which allows me to make great use of my old and dull rotary blades and quickly cut thread when chain piecing. It's small, it's incredibly useful, and it saves SO much time if I have a lot of threads to cut!

Get Your Blade Saver Here and save 15% with promo code MARYSENTME at checkout!


19.  Oliso M2 Mini Project Iron

This is a fantastic iron for quilting projects, and it's also compact and comes with a silicone base. It's convenient, it works extremely well, and I LOVE mine. If you need a good iron, I know you'll like this one - especially for smaller projects and for traveling!

Get Your M2 Mini Project Iron Here!


20. Hera Marker

The Hera Marker sat with my quilt supplies for the longest time before I even knew what it was or tried it out. Once I did, I never looked back: If you don't have one yet or don't know how to use a hera marker, this quilt tip is a great one to have up your sleeve! Hera markers are some of the best quilting tools out there if you're looking for something simple, cheap and effective to upgrade your sewing room.

Get Your Hera Marker Here!


21. Fat Quarter Shop Kimberly's Foundation Paper Piecing Starter Kit, Sunburst Foundation Papers, and Olfa Perforating Cutter or Perforating Blades

These are all fantastic  additions to your sewing room - if you missed this video, you can learn all about the items by clicking here. They are wonderful! Get yours below:

Get Kimberly's Foundation Paper Piecing Starter Kit Here 

Get the Sunburst Foundation Papers Here 

Get Your Olfa Perforating Cutter Here 

-OR -

Your 45mm Perforating Blades Here!


22. Dritz 949 Seam-Fix Seam Ripper Double Sided

Learning how to use a seam ripper the RIGHT way (believe me, there is definitely a wrong way!) is life changing, and adding the perfect seam ripper to that is gravy! There's a good reason the video I posted about this seam ripper (watch it here) got so many views - you don't want to miss it!

Get Your Seam Ripper Here


23. Omnigrid 4in Ultrasharp point Scissors

There's so much to be said for scissors that are SHARP all the way down to the point when quilting! Being able to snip something small from the very tip of your scissors is often a necessity, and many pairs of scissors can't do it. These Omnigrid Ultrasharp Point Scissors are my favorite - and they are well worth it for your quilting and sewing projects!

Get Your Ultrasharp Point Scissors Here


24.  Large Sewing Clips and G Easy Ruler Stickers - 192 Stickers in 3 colors

These jumbo quilting clips/sewing clips are SO handy for so many different situations (watch my video all about them by clicking here) And the GEasy ruler stickers just add to it! Amp up your sewing room organization and streamline the quilting process with this nice little gift!

Get Your Large Sewing Clips Here 

Get Your GEasy Ruler Stickers Here


25. Bombas Gripper Slippers

I love these Women's Gripper Slippers from Bombas, and I love Bombas in general (their socks are amazing too!). They're a great company and these slippers are the perfect way to treat yourself to a little extra comfort in your sewing room or quilting space.

Get Your Bombas Gripper Slippers Here!


That wraps it up! Let's kick off 2024 with a Sewing Room and/or Quilting Experience Upgrade! 


Have a Joyful and Merry January, and let me know in the comments what items you love and think everyone should have!


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